Cracow’s Leaning Tower

I know what you’re thinking! Shouldn’t this post read: ‘The Leaning Tower of Pisa,’ that town in central Italy?

Well, Cracow’s Town Hall Tower (Wieza Ratuszowa) could be better known as ‘The Leaning Tower of Cracow’. The gothic, 70-metre high tower leans 55cm to one side. If you are brave enough to pass the two lions guarding the entrance and pay 17zl (around $5), you can marvel at the city’s Old Town Square from above. It offers a different perspective  perspective from the tower at St. Mary’s Basilica. Taking a horse-drawn carriage ride around the square and surrounding sights is a much-loved activity for tourists (and even locals). As is feeding grains to the resident pigeons and posing for photographs as they take flight. ‘Eros Bendato’ – Eros Bound: The Sideways Head by sculptor Igor Mitoraj– has been displayed at the foot of the tower since 2003. Children excitedly climb into the bronze head and peep through the hollow eye.






Iga Motylska

Iga Motylska is a Johannesburg-based freelance writer, photojournalist, sub-editor and blogger. She is published in numerous local and international publications, including: Forbes Africa, Forbes Woman Africa, Forbes Life Africa, CNBC Africa, Ventures Africa, Marie Claire, Sawubona, AA Traveller, Fastjet inflight magazine and Seoul Magazine among numerous others. Her editorial interests range from documenting the entrepreneurial spirit to women's and human rights issues, environmental affairs and of course travel writing.


  1. Amazing pictures! The first one is wonderful!

  2. Looks gorgeous! Makes me want to see it for myself! Great stuff. :)

  3. Really stunning photos! love the post (:

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