Plait A Garland

The air was infused with the heavy scent of jasmine and roses. Conversation casually rolled off their tongues. Laughter interrupted, yet like the hands of a clock, their fingers continued holding blooms in place and intricately tying them in place. In Hindu tradition floral garlands are used in the worship of Hindu gods, during rituals and marriage ceremonies. From these garland makers, I learnt that a garland should never touch the floor; flowers that have fallen to the ground may not be used; and the garland should always be at or above hip level while it is being made. Wearing a garlands is like wearing nature’s natural scent. These garland makers provided me with further insight into the colourful daily ¬†goings-on in Little India, Singapore.


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  1. Done! Thanks for the constructive criticism Stephen, it’s always welcome! :) This was the best I could do, as the formatting is also slightly changed to suit the format of the blog when photographs are uploaded.

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