Inhambane: Markets and Naval Buildings


Tantalising smells allure me from a distance; the vivid colours of the produce draw me deeper into the inner workings of its core; the hustle enchants me, until I realise that I have been standing in the same place for over five minutes – allowing strangers…

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Dhow Fishermen


The patchwork dhow harnessed the movement of the wind. One, two, three, four and another penetrated the surface of the thigh-high water at evenly spaced intervals. Commands rode upon the back of the wind and filled their ears causing muscles to clench in synchronised movements. Each hauled…

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Road Trip To Mozambique

Road trip

Aaahhh, how I have missed a decent road trip! Here are three photographs that stand out for me from our road trip to Mozambique. I’ve never been and so I’m very excited to cross it off the bucket list, and hope to return again. On the first…

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Vienna in Six Snapshots


My two dear friends, Christina and Matthias, hosted me in Vienna for  just over a week. So often capital citifies and popular travel destinations become synonymous with photographs of their must-see landmarks. In this post I hope to present Vienna’s from a different perspective, not…

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Austria: What Architects Appreciate


Herzogshof Frescoes Herzogshof facade is truly striking: it is covered in frescoes depicting Greek and Roman gods. It was originally painted in 1742 by Johann Mayer, but since then has received multiple new coats of paint. It’s only a couple of hops and skips away…

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Gregarious Graz


Graz was already on my list of towns to visit while in Austria, but when my dear friend Rachel, with whom I worked in South Korea moved there with her husband, we decided to explore the city together. As the second largest city in Austria,…

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Salzburg: A Bird’s Eye View


Clock towers and fortress watchtowers are characteristic of many European cities. This panorama of Salzburg was taken from the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Museum Der Moderne, which is situated atop a precipitous granite cliff. Its location is truly spectacular and it calmly observes the the…

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Saint Peter’s Cemetery, Salzburg

The rolling hills from Vienna to Salzburg were dotted with pastel-coloured gingerbread houses, which were sprinkled with icing sugar. Graceful snowflakes danced around me as I descended the train steps. The snow-capped Alps waved hello from a distance. The centre-ville enchanted me with its lucent…

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24 hours in Vienna

I am visiting two very dear friends, Christina and Matthias, who live in central Vienna (or Wien in German). It’s my first time in Austria and I’ll be here for 11 days. Afterwards I’ll be heading to the university city and UNESCO World Heritage centre of…

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The old town square in Bielsko-Biala, which dates back to the 13th century, was the judicial, administrative and cultural centre of the city. During the Second World War it was gravely damaged and the commercial hub was relocated to the lower districts of Bielsko-Biala. By…

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I welcomed the new year from atop the mountain in Miedzybrodzie, not too far from Bielsko-Biala, where I was born. I recall hearing numerous stories from my parents of the carefree days they spent in the surrounding area with their friends as teenagers and young…

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Plait A Garland


The air was infused with the heavy scent of jasmine and roses. Conversation casually rolled off their tongues. Laughter interrupted, yet like the hands of a clock, their fingers continued holding blooms in place and intricately tying them in place. In Hindu tradition floral garlands…

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Quirky Little India


Little India, the quaint neighbourhood in Singapore, is characterised by splurts of color. For this reason it is exceptionally photogenic. Once I visited, I knew that I couldn’t stay anywhere but here during my visit. Little India is also the best place to eat authentic…

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Singapore: Little India

Little India

The tropical island country, off the southern tip of the Malay peninsula, is made up of 63 islands and islets, which offer world-class entertainment. While only 712 km2 – slightly bigger than three and half times the size of Washington D.C – Singapore, brings to…

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Singapore’s Sultan Masjid

Sultan Masjid

With Eid al-Fitr approaching to mark the end of Ramadam – the muslim month of fasting and restraint as a means of purifying the soul and becoming closer to Allah — here are a few photographs of Sultan Masjid. It is Singapore’s largest mosque and is…

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Kampong Glam, Singapore

Kampong Glam

Kampong Glam is a palette of colour. From the small haberdasheries along Bussorah Street – with its two-story shophouses on either side – you can buy decorative materials, buttons and ribbons. It’s a good place to buy hand-made souvenirs too. One of the most popular pastimes…

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Sri Mariamman Temple

Sri Mariamman

Chinatown will satisfy any shopaholic with trinkets, curios, countless varieties and colours of ‘I love Singapore’ t-shirts, fridge magnets and fashion. The district comes alive at night: the ground floor, open-air Chinese restaurants (the cheaper kind where you sit on plastic chairs, beneath a beach…

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Galle: Views from the Bastions


The Dutch colonial city of Galle and its fortifications are perched on a rocky outcrop on the south-western peninsular of Sri Lanka. This UNESCO World Heritage Site remains the largest European-built fort in Asia. Greek, Roman, Chinese, Indian, Persian and Arab seamen wandered around the…

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