Sukiennice in Cracow

Sunlight waltzes in through the four main entrances and asks the amber jewellery for a dance; she coyly glistens but obliges. Wooden marionette puppets wink as you pass by, while sheepskin slippers conjure thoughts of winter. Sukiennice, or cloth hall, is located in the centre of Cracow’s Old Town Square, which is still one of the largest in Europe to this day. St Mary’s Basilica (Kosciol Mariacki) is located on the one side and Town Hall Tower (Wieza Ratuszowa) on the other.

While some of the things sold here have undoubtedly changed, mostly to cater for the thousands of tourists that visit the city each week, the renaissance-era market place has retained its original function. It was a major stop over for travelling merchants and the epicentre of international trade within Europe. The building was granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 1978. It was well-known for exporting salt from Wieliczka, the nearby salt mine that can still be visited today.





Iga Motylska

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