About Iga Motylska

Iga Motylska

I’m Iga Motylska, a travel enthusiast with a camera slung around my neck. My work and personal travels have taken me to over 45 countries across four continents.

Eager Journeys is my travel and photography blog. Yes, it’s a pun on my Polish name, which people misconstrue to sound like ‘eager’. Through words and photographs, I document the people I meet along the way, the stories I hear on long bus trips and the stories I live.

What did you study?

I have a Master’s degree in Investigative Journalism from the University of the Witwatersrand, in South Africa. It’s ranked as the best university on the continent. My undergraduate majors included: English Literature, Media Studies and Communications, and Drama and Film.

I also have a certificate in Advanced Sub-editing from the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism (IAJ) as well as a certificate in Education, also from the University of the Witwatersrand.

What do you do for a living?

I work as a freelance editor, researcher, journalist, copy writer, sub-editor, photographer and travel blogger. I’ve worked for government institutions, international tourism boards, large publishing houses, independent publications, and one-man shows. I also partner with brands that fit my niche. I’m always open to be commissioned, no matter where the work will take me.

Which publications have you written for?

I mostly write about entrepreneurs, exponential technologies, human interest stories and travel. Feel free to read my published work.

My articles and photographs have been published in over 50 newspapers and magazines, including: The Guardian, BBC Travel, Forbes Insights, Forbes Africa, CNBC Africa, African Independent, Marie Claire SA, and a number of in-flight magazines such as: Morning Calm, Sawubona, Juice, Khuluma, Indwe, Inflyt and Travelsmart.

I have also worked on research and writing projects for Forbes Insights, The African Development Bank (AfDB), the United National Development Programme (UNDP).

What other jobs have you had?

I’ve worked as a magazine sub-editor, full-time journalist, social media and digital content strategist, as well as an ESL teacher in South Korea.

I’m a tourism board/PR/brand – let’s work together.

Please send your proposals/pitches to [email protected] or get in touch below. For a copy of my Eager Journeys media kit please send an email with the subject line ‘Media Kit Request’. Done!

Where have you lived?

I was born in Poland and came to live in South Africa with my parents when I was barely three. I speak, read and write Polish and keep many of the cultural traditions close to my heart.

I lived (read loved) and worked in South Korea for nearly two years after completing my honours degree.

Something we don’t know about you

I am an honorary publicity ambassador for Gangnam (the same neighbourhood that PSY sings about in his K-pop song Gangnam Style). After the song went viral he, too, was awarded the same status by the mayor.

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