Meditation On A Jo’burg Sunset

The end of one day merely ushers in the beginning of another

Some find hope in the end; some find hope in the beginning

And so one never knows whether it’s the sunrise or the sunset that is more beautiful

And perhaps there is no need to choose

Johannesburg sunset

Today, I tried something new. I seldom enhance my photographs, but I began playing with the colours of this Johannesburg skyline sunset and liked the result. Because after all sunsets are meant to be colourful.

Iga Motylska

Iga Motylska is a Johannesburg-based freelance writer, photojournalist, sub-editor and blogger. She is published in numerous local and international publications, including: Forbes Africa, Forbes Woman Africa, Forbes Life Africa, CNBC Africa, Ventures Africa, Marie Claire, Sawubona, AA Traveller, Fastjet inflight magazine and Seoul Magazine among numerous others. Her editorial interests range from documenting the entrepreneurial spirit to women's and human rights issues, environmental affairs and of course travel writing.


  1. Is there any chance I can but the skyline picture . I love it!!

    • Hi Shayna, apologies for the late reply, I was travelling through Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana. Of course, high resolution versions of all my photographs are for sale. I have your email address and will send you an email shortly! Thank you for your interest! :)

  2. Hello Iga – I am looking to shoot the best spot for the Johannesburg sunset for an “I love Jozi – City of Gold Wedding shoot.” Can you guide me as to where is the best place to go and capture it. Thank you so much. I greatly value your assistance and perhaps welcome you to possibly write an article for us? Warm Regards Natalie

  3. love the photos, the colours are fantastic, keep playing!

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