Joburg’s Graffiti (Graff-ART-i)

Joburg Graffiti

Inner-city Johannesburg is an open-air gallery and international street-art destination – and it’s right here in our backyard. Graffiti writers work by the light of streetlamps and conceal their identities because of strict by-laws that govern vandalism to private and public property. Yet the walls…

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Hot Air Balloons & Technicolour Winds

Hot Air Balloon

There are few reasons why anyone would agree to wake hours before the sun. A sunrise hot air balloon flight over the Magalies River Valley in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site, well, that’s reason enough. Silence. This is the place of morning calm,…

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Oh Lawdy it’s Randlords


These black and white, long-exposure captures of the Johannesburg skyline paint it in a different colour, to reveal the relaxed atmosphere that enveloped the cityscape at twilight on New Year’s Eve. Few cars were seen navigating the street grid that stretches below Randlords. One of…

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Meditation On A Jo’burg Sunset

Johannesburg sunset

The end of one day merely ushers in the beginning of another Some find hope in the end; some find hope in the beginning And so one never knows whether it’s the sunrise or the sunset that is more beautiful And perhaps there is no…

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