1000 Drawings, Countless Smiles

1000 Drawings

Three thousand artworks hung pegged to twine as hundreds weaved between them, like a needle sewing thread. They stopped. They stared. They smiled. The historic electric workshop in Newtown – which houses the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre – was transformed into a walk-though art gallery for the “Night of…

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Hanji and Insadong’s Stationery Stores


I gently run my fingertips over the layers of folded hanji and hope the owner will forgive these small delights of mine. When I was younger I desperately wanted to own a stationery store, I think most girls did. South Korea has re-ignited that deep-seated childhood…

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World’s Tallest Art Gallery

63 Building

The 63 Building – which is part of 63 City or 63 Square – is possibly one of South Korea’s most recognisable skyscrapers. You can see its golden glisten as you cross the Han River on the subway. It was the tallest building outside of the…

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Gaemi Maeul: Seoul’s colourful ant village

Gaemi Maul

I updated this post in December 2017. :) Captured by an age-old spell, Lilliput – also known as Gaemi Maeul or Ant Village to the locals – lies hidden in the hills near Bugaksan in northwestern Seoul. Once I passed through the portal, like the one found in The…

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Arty Naksan Park

Naksan Park

The murals, mosaics, metal statues and quirky illustrated road signs make Naksan Park intriguing, especially if you have a curious gaze. It is nestled on a granite mountain, quietly observing the bustle below. Naksan Park resembles a camel’s hump: ‘nakta’ in Korean means camel, while ‘san’ means…

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