The 100 most-visited cities in the world

most-visited cities

If you’ve ever wondered where the rest of the world travels, whether it’s for leisure or business, the numbers are in. Each year Euromonitor International tracks arrivals in 400 global cities. It releases a list of the 100 most-visited cities (with stays of at least 24 hours but shorter than 12 months) based on global inbound arrivals the previous year.

The top 100 most-visited cities cover close to 47% of global arrivals, according to Euromonitor International’s Top 100 City Destinations 2019 report, which represents 2018 international arrivals. In 2019 global inbound arrivals are are expected to increase by 4.2% to 1.47 billion trips.

The list of 100 most-visited cities excludes people in transit, cruise passengers, expat workers, long-term students, military personnel and people who are displaced by war or natural disasters. You won’t find any beach or ski resorts on this list either, as they experience an influx of international travellers during their peak seasons.

Asian cities (43) dominated the list of 100 most-visited cities, followed by Europe (32), the Americas (13) and the Middle East and Africa (12). Despite Asia having the largest number of cities on the list, Europe received the largest number of visitors in 2018. China has nine cities on the top 100 most-visited cities list, followed by India and the United States tied with seven, and Thailand with five.

The Middle East and Africa: 134 362 600

The Americas: 214 421 900

Asia: 363 031 300

Europe: 701 801 000

most-visited cities

The top 100 most-visited cities 

1. Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China received 29 262 700 visitors in 2018. This number is expected to drop by around 8.7% to 26 716 800 in 2019 due to ongoing pro-democracy protests.

2. Bangkok, Thailand 

3. London, United Kingdom 

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most-visited cities

4. Macau Macau, China

5. Singapore, Singapore

6. Paris, France

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most-visited cities

7. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

8. New York City, US

9. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

10. Istanbul, Turkey

11. Delhi, India 

12. Antalya, Turkey 

13. Shenzhen, China 

14. Mumbai, India 

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most-visited cities

15. Phuket, Thailand 

16. Rome, Italy 

17. Tokyo,  Japan 

18. Pattaya, Thailand 

19. Taipei, Taiwan, China 

20. Mecca, Saudi Arabia 

21. Guangzhou, China 

22. Prague, Czech Republic 

23. Medina, Saudi Arabia

24. Seoul, South Korea 

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most-visited cities

25. Amsterdam, Netherlands

26. Agra, India 

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most-visited cities

27. Miami, US 

28. Osaka, Japan 

29. Los Angeles, US

30. Shanghai, China 

31. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 

32. Denpasar, Indonesia 

33. Barcelona, Spain 

34. Las Vegas, US 

35. Milan, Italy 

36. Chennai, India 

37. Vienna, Austria

38. Johor Bahru, Malaysia 

39. Jaipur, India 

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most-visited cities

40. Cancun, Mexico

41. Berlin, Germany 

42. Cairo, Egypt 

43. Athens, Greece 

44. Orlando, US 

45. Moscow, Russia 

46. Venice, Italy 

47. Madrid, Spain 

48. Ha Long, Vietnam 

49. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 

50. Dublin, Ireland 

51. Florence, Italy 

52. Ha Noi, Vietnam 

53. Toronto, Canada 

54. Johannesburg, South Africa received 4 120 800 visitors.

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55. Sydney, Australia

56. Munich, Germany

57. Jakarta, Indonesia

58. Beijing, China 

59. St. Petersburg, Russia 

60. Brussels, Belgium 

61. Jerusalem, Israel 

62. Budapest, Hungary 

63. Lisbon, Portugal 

64. Dammam, Saudi Arabia 

65. Penang Island, Malaysia 

66. Heraklion, Greece 

67. Kyoto, Japan 

68. Zhuhai, China 

69. Vancouver, Canada 

70. Chiang Mai, Thailand 

71. Copenhagen, Denmark 

72. San Francisco, US 

73. Melbourne, Australia 

74. Krakow, Poland 

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most-visited cities

75. Marrakech, Morocco

76. Kolkatta, India 

77. Cebu, Philippines 

78. Auckland, New Zealand 

79. Tel Aviv, Israel

80. Guilin, China 

81. Honolulu, US 

82. Hurgada, Egypt 

83. Warsaw, Poland 

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most-visited cities
Photo credit: Warsaw©Warsaw Tourist Office

84. Mugla, Turkey 

85. Buenos Aires City, Argentina 

86. Chiba, Japan 

87. Frankfurt, Germany 

88. Stockholm, Sweden 

89. Lima, Peru 

90. Da Nang, Vietnam 

91. Batam, Indonesia 

92. Nice, France 

93. Fukuoka, Japan 

94. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 

95. Jeju, South Korea 

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most-visited cities

96. Porto, Portugal 

97. Rhodes, Greece 

98. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

99. Krabi, Thailand 

100. Bangalore, India welcomed 2 239 200 visitors, around 27 million less than Hong Kong, which received the largest number of visitors.

I’ve visited 31 cities on this list. How about you? And which cities on the 100 most-visited cities list are you planning to visit next?

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The 100 most-visited cities in the world

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