Taste of Yeoville walking tour with Dlala Nje

“Leave your prejudices at home,” says Bijou, our Dlala Nje tour guide, and that’s the only thing we’re asked to do during the Taste of Yeoville tour. Inner-city Johannesburg still has a poor reputation and while many Joburg residents use the landmark to help them navigate the…

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Joburg inner-city shopping tour with Past Experiences

“We’ll meet many nationalities along the way,” says Jo Buitendach, founder of Past Experiences, as we start our Joburg inner city shopping tour from 1 Fox though the inner city of Johannesburg. Many of the people we meet along the way stop to hug Jo, provide…

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Johannesburg’s Second Golden Age


When you explore eGoli, the city of gold, you’ll witness traces of the city’s early days from the 1880s when it was established as a gold mining town, and you’ll also see remnants of its fall, but know that you’re partaking in its rejuvenation, that’s…

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Swimming pools in Johannesburg

Joburg swimming pools

After two sweaty weeks in humid Tanzania – which I loved, don’t get me wrong, most of all because I am now bronze – I was looking forward to getting back to Johannesburg’s milder summer. Yet, I returned to a sweltering heatwave caused by a strong high-pressure system with…

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11 facts you didn’t know about Joburg


It was only after I returned to South Africa in early 2012 – after living abroad and travelling for two years – that I truly began to explore Johannesburg as a tourist would. And that’s when my love affair with this city began. Here are 11 things…

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Joburg’s Graffiti (Graff-ART-i)

Joburg Graffiti

Inner-city Johannesburg is an open-air gallery and international street-art destination – and it’s right here in our backyard. Graffiti writers work by the light of streetlamps and conceal their identities because of strict by-laws that govern vandalism to private and public property. Yet the walls…

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Hot Air Balloons & Technicolour Winds

Hot Air Balloon

There are few reasons why anyone would agree to wake hours before the sun. A sunrise hot air balloon flight over the Magalies River Valley in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site, well, that’s reason enough. Silence. This is the place of morning calm,…

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Oh Lawdy it’s Randlords


These black and white, long-exposure captures of the Johannesburg skyline paint it in a different colour, to reveal the relaxed atmosphere that enveloped the cityscape at twilight on New Year’s Eve. Few cars were seen navigating the street grid that stretches below Randlords. One of…

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1000 Drawings, Countless Smiles

1000 Drawings

Three thousand artworks hung pegged to twine as hundreds weaved between them, like a needle sewing thread. They stopped. They stared. They smiled. The historic electric workshop in Newtown – which houses the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre – was transformed into a walk-though art gallery for the “Night of…

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Supermoon Over Jozi


It’s known as the ‘Supermoon’ to us non-astronomy types, but to those who study the night sky and beyond — as they peer into the past — it’s the Perigee moon. ‘Tis the largest full moon of the year, due to its proximity to the…

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Johannesburg Skyline

Johannesburg skyline

There aren’t many more satisfying ways I can think of than to spend a Sunday afternoon on the rooftop of the City of Gold. Randlords, on the 22nd floor of South Point Towers in Braamfontein, offers splendid panoramic views of the Johannesburg skyline. The bustle below…

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Meditation On A Jo’burg Sunset

Johannesburg sunset

The end of one day merely ushers in the beginning of another Some find hope in the end; some find hope in the beginning And so one never knows whether it’s the sunrise or the sunset that is more beautiful And perhaps there is no…

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