Quirky Little India


Little India, the quaint neighbourhood in Singapore, is characterised by splurts of color. For this reason it is exceptionally photogenic. Once I visited, I knew that I couldn’t stay anywhere but here during my visit. Little India is also the best place to eat authentic…

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Singapore: Little India

Little India

The tropical island country, off the southern tip of the Malay peninsula, is made up of 63 islands and islets, which offer world-class entertainment. While only 712 km2 – slightly bigger than three and half times the size of Washington D.C – Singapore, brings to…

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Singapore’s Sultan Masjid

Sultan Masjid

With Eid al-Fitr approaching to mark the end of Ramadam – the muslim month of fasting and restraint as a means of purifying the soul and becoming closer to Allah — here are a few photographs of Sultan Masjid. It is Singapore’s largest mosque and is…

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Sri Mariamman Temple

Sri Mariamman

Chinatown will satisfy any shopaholic with trinkets, curios, countless varieties and colours of ‘I love Singapore’ t-shirts, fridge magnets and fashion. The district comes alive at night: the ground floor, open-air Chinese restaurants (the cheaper kind where you sit on plastic chairs, beneath a beach…

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Galle: Views from the Bastions


The Dutch colonial city of Galle and its fortifications are perched on a rocky outcrop on the south-western peninsular of Sri Lanka. This UNESCO World Heritage Site remains the largest European-built fort in Asia. Greek, Roman, Chinese, Indian, Persian and Arab seamen wandered around the…

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Unawatuna: Reasons to Beach


I think these pictures are reason enough to convince you why Unawatuna, in the Galle District of south western Sri Lanka, is an ideal place to be a beach bum. So why not slap on some sun lotion, grab a great book and recline on…

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Mirissa: The Seaside Beckons


The seven-hour bus ride from the highlands of Nuwara Eliya, in central Sri Lanka, to Mirrisa on the southern coast was worth every moment, even if only for the picturesque detour through Ella. We meandered between mountains and hills, which tightly held onto clouds by…

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Onwards from Kandy


I awoke on a mist covered-mountain overlooking Kandy Lake. Sun rays broke through the mist and illuminated the mountain. Someone played “Oh When the Saints Go Marching In” on the trumpet, as girls hurried along in their white school uniforms. They held each other’s hands, their…

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Dambulla Caves


The Dambulla Cave Temples are best explored during Poya – the full moon festival celebrated each month by Buddhists throughout Sri Lanka. The majority of Sri Lankans are Buddhist and follow a lunar calendar. The day of the full moon is a national, public holiday and…

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Mihintale: Cradle of Buddhism


The birthplace of Buddhism in Sri Lanka can be traced back to Mihintale and Buddhist monk Mahinda. Mihintale means ‘Mahinda’s Hill’ in Sinhalese and is often overshadowed by its larger counterpart Anuradhapura, which is a twenty-minute drive away. Due to the kindness of the head…

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The ancient city of Anuradhapura


It might take some time and practice for the name to roll off your tongue smoothly. Anuradhapura is an ancient city, which was the capital of Sri Lanka for a thousand years. The Buddhist dagobas, high-rise temples, ponds and ancient palaces are vestiges of the cultural,…

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Gangnam’s Luxury Street


Maintaining the lifestyle of the rich and famous may be expensive, but give it a try, even if only for a day. Clicking high heels create a rhythmic soundtrack, which embodies the glamour of Cheongdam-dong Luxury Street. This high-end street aptly captures the true essence…

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Garak Fish Market

Garak Fish Market

I’m the kind of person who could survive purely on chocolate, sunshine, smiles and salmon sashimi – not necessarily in that particular order, but you understand. My friends and I arrived at Garak Fish Market, South East of Seoul Station, in the late afternoon. After…

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Jindo Sea Parting Festival

Jindo Sea Parting

When someone tells you they’re going to a sea parting festival, you can’t help but think that perhaps they are taking part in a modern-day re-enactment of Moses’ parting of the Red Sea. For centuries the Jindo Sea Parting Festival was surrounded by mystery, now it’s a…

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Arty Naksan Park

Naksan Park

The murals, mosaics, metal statues and quirky illustrated road signs make Naksan Park intriguing, especially if you have a curious gaze. It is nestled on a granite mountain, quietly observing the bustle below. Naksan Park resembles a camel’s hump: ‘nakta’ in Korean means camel, while ‘san’ means…

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Samcheong Dong: Just Splendid


I wrote this article for Neh Magazine as part of my freelance work. I wander wide-eyed along the eastern wall of Gyeongbokgung Palace, beneath the Gingko trees. You should visit Samcheong Dong with the intention of getting lost among the narrow paths and alleyways. It’s the…

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